Sally Stone
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Mother Nature
Nature is a generous teacher, both profound and entertaining. If you're a nature lover, like me, then you love spending time in nature embraced by her healing vibrations.
Just looking at images from nature sparks the same relaxing, healing feelings in your body as being there. That's why it's important to grace the walls of your home with beautiful nature images that nurture your healing connection to Mother Nature.
Please browse through my photos, leave comments, share on FB and twitter, and purchase the ones you love to grace your walls with Nature's Healing Images. 
Take Time To Smell The Roses!

About Me
In 2007, a bicycle accident and near death experience found me floating above my body, showered by nature with comforting rays of blissful energy. Twenty-one months later, I took my first walk outdoors again, and was so overpowered by the healing energy of nature, I felt compelled to take photos in an attempt to record this energy. I enjoy learning from Nature to be more observant and see the beauty in the seemingly ordinary gifts I used to brush past. The bugs, birds, leaves blowing in the wind, crystalline snow, shifting clouds, blue lakes, marshy swamps, and all of nature's creation clears the clutter, calms the mind, and lets the spirit shine freely. Whether you are in a documented place of beauty or your own backyard...May your life be filled with Healing Images from Nature.

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